India’s best motivational speaker Naseer Khan at 100 INFOSEC MAESTROS Awards Mumbai

At The Hotel Intercontinental Lalit, Sahar International Airport Mumbai, we had been sitting and listening to various panel discussions and marketing pitches since 10 O’clock in the morning.

The hall was filled with top-shots of Corporate India; CISOs, CEOs, VPs and Country Heads.

The last session of the day was Entertainment Session at 8 pm. We were not expecting a motivational guru to be speaking to us at the end of a long day.

But lo and behold! This man Naseer Khan held us captivated from minute one.

He just blew our minds up. Naseer spoke on “The Leadership of Tomorrow”. The kind of wisdom he shared with us was mind-boggling! The way he shared world class information and secrets of a better future was just mesmerizing.

He gave us amazingly practical tools so that we can handle today’s pressures and create a future of dreams.

During the event, We learned.

We enjoyed.

We laughed.

We meditated.

We “Hi fived”

We jumped.

We hopped.

In one hour, we were transformed.

Naseer Khan is simply the best motivational speaker in the country today.

Rajesh Garg from Rolta said: It was a pleasure meeting a genius. We were ecstatically shocked to see Mr. Naseer Khan’s performance and wisdom.

Subhash Singh Punjabi from Endurance said : Dear Mr. Naseer Khan, Your session was mind blowing. Our energy boosted manyfold. Request you to share the presentation done last night.

Kamal Matta from Soni Biochem said: Mr. Naseer Khan, you are arguably the bast motivational speaker in India. I feel it was a wonderful experience to be part of your session at 100 Infosec Maestros Awards. You gave a boost to our energy and your programme helps top executives in a great way. We feel better prepared to face day-to-day challenges with a better perspective now. Thanks.

Rohit Verma from IBM India said: I got wisdom of ages from this humble genius in 55 minutes. I feel truly enlightened.

Jitendra Shrivastava from Fanatic Media said: We were apprehensive about a motivational speaker in our event but chose to put our bet on Naseer Khan. Oh, was he bang on target! He just shook the whole ambiance. The audience was thrilled and we the organisers were deeply satisfied and thankful. Almost every participant came to me to enquire about Mr. Naseer Khan’s contact details.

Aloke Chakravartty from JESSOP said: Naseer is a wonderful young man filled with massive energy and passion to elevate human beings. I am really impressed with his way of connecting with us. By far the best!

Ashish Mishra from TESCO said: Mr. Khan, it was awesome seeing you. I had seen TED speeches but nothing like you. You were wonderfully impressive. I would like you in my company too.

Pradipta Kumar Patro from Tata AIA said: Very energetic session. I want my sales team to be trained by Mr. Naseer Khan. We need such a motivational speaker who can instill energy and passion in our people. Naseer Khan is the right man.


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India’s Top Motivational Speaker at National HR Meet, Kathmandu

Nepal HR Meet 2015 was held on March 26 in Kathmandu.

The conference, which was in its eighth edition, featured two international experts, Naseer Khan, India's top motivational speaker, and Sujaya Banerjee, a human resource professional.

Shekhar Golchha, vice-president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), will also spoke.

Mohan Ojha, chairman of the HR Meet Coordination Committee, said that the meet was aimed at strengthening Nepal’s human capital, provide a common platform to learn and share various ideas of human resources.

“As more and more investment projects are coming from foreign and national investors, it is high time that we developed skilled manpower in the country,” he said, adding that the event would also discuss how to stop brain drain.

Growth Sellers has been organising the event every year. This year’s theme is Managing Talent, Managing HR.

Mr. Naseer Khan enlightened the participants on the cutting-edge advanced techniques of handling personnel and on leadership theories. The best part of Naseer's talk was its ability is engage each and everyone. The event was filled with various activities and relevant video clips. Mohan Ojha, chairman of the HR Meet Coordination Committee, said that Mr. Khan's was one of the most appreciated discourse in the 8 years' history of the HR Meet.



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