Naseer Khan

Mr. M Naseer Khan, today, is the most sought after motivational speaker and success coach in India. His vast clientele include Fortune-500 companies.


Consistently ranked among top Indian motivational speakers, Naseer is by far the most energetic and captivating speaker in the country. Energy just flows when he is among the people. His events are more like a rock-concert.


Naseer uses advanced techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Music, etc. to engage the audience and lead them to use what they learn during his seminars so that they can create a positive lasting change in their life.


He was born in a small city of India- Jabalpur. One amongst 9 siblings Naseer has an inspiring story of rags-to-riches.


Naseer has worked in India, Europe and Africa with a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the Military sector to Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health, I.T., Retail, Police, Universities and many more.


He is an M.B.A. from University of Macerata, Italy. Because he has studied and worked in Europe, he has a vast international exposure and a great understanding of multiculturalism. He has worked with such big institutions as The Indian Army, The Police, HCL, British Telecom, Hindustan Petroleum, Axis Bank, CADD, Genpact, Valvoline, etc. for about 20 years. He is the founder Director of Elevate Global Training Solutions.


Naseer is famous for his very popular 5 hour long motivational event “Transformation” in India.


Naseer Khan is India’s leading motivational speaker, success coach, author and personal mastery expert. World’s top institutions and companies such as DRDO, IITs, Valvoline, Cipla, Genpact, Tata, British Petroleum, TAFE, DSM Netherlands, BPCL, HPCL and Indian Army etc. engage him to inspire, energize and coach their people.

Naseer is known not only for his profound wisdom but also for his high-impact high-energy seminars. Can you imagine in your mind an event like a rock-concert filled with music, enthusiasm, inspiration, passion and cutting-edge knowledge? That’s what you feel sitting in Naseer’s live events. As a matter of fact you don’t sit much when he is with you. You stand, you move, you meditate, you jump and hop, you relax and you travel deep within yourself. It is not a speech. It’s total immersion.

He comes from extremely humble beginnings. One amongst 9 siblings, he began working as a door-to-door salesman right after his school. Much later in his career, he went to do M.B.A. from University of Macerata, Italy. He is also an M.A. in English Literature and Political Science. He has worked for over 22 years and currently lives with his family in Jabalpur (M.P.) India.


Organisations mainly invite Naseer Khan to talk about The Secrets to Success,  Leadership of Tomorrow, Confidence Building, Goal Setting, Success Strategies, Power Selling, Employee Motivation, Power of Dreams, Youth Empowerment, and Personality TRANSFORMATION.  Corporates trust him because he is an expert on enhancing productivity and happiness of their team members. The quality that sets him apart is the fun and passion that the participants feel while learning in Naseer’s seminars. You not only ‘learn’ but actually ‘do’ it with Naseer. He says ‘Knowledge is useless if you don’t use it’.


Whether you are a student, an employee, a housewife or have been in business for years, Naseer’s training will give you proven strategies and time tested systems to create a bright future. His message is simple, powerful and practical.

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