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Corporate Leadership

Leadership speaker Naseer Khan has worked with a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the Indian Army to the police, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, education and more.

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Youth Motivation

Naseer’s been a featured speaker at conferences, fests, and colleges across India, appeared regularly on both television and radio as a youth help advocate, and established himself as a nationawide youth speaker that students can trust.

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Military Secotor

Highly respected as the authority on the psychology of peak performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnaround, Naseer has addressed the personnel of the Indian army from 1 STC, Signal Records, 1 TTR, Depot Records, 2 TTR, CMM, MTR, 4 TTR, MB Area, to Cobra Canteen, Army police, etc.

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Keynote Speeches

Do you have an important event coming up, maybe a conference? Do you want a powerful Keynote Speaker who can capture the essence of your meeting and is able to highlight it to your audience in a captivating way in a short period of time?

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Faculty Motivation

Teachers have always been an extremely important part of our society. Today their responsibility is more demanding than ever before. The whole education world is faced with newer challenges. Parents are in a terribly difficult position today.

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TRANSFORMATION is Naseer Khan’s signature programme. TRANSFORMATION is about taking action and not wasting any more time. It's about recognizing your true potential, and the power that is already within you

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